Creation of Man

Man comes to the world in two phases lawfully - by fertilisation and by the birth. Both parents assume that they are "makers" of their child, that they created a new personality which is their produce both from the physical and psychic points of view. If the same characteristics and psychic qualities appear since the very childhood they confirm themselves in their opinions.

Let us look at these processes from the point of view of the Eternal Laws. It is already known that the true nature of man is the spirit. However, unlike matter, it is capable neither of the inheriting nor of the dividing. It is an independent core of each man. We need parents on earth to build up our bodies through which the spirit can manifest itself and develop in the material world. Both by the fertilisation and by the birth of a child the spirit of a parent neither releases nor gives out anything of itself. Even the smallest particle of its substance is not transferred to the child. The parent may give out of his spirit only through the upbringing which the child may consciously accept or refuse thanks to the imitating instinct.

The parents are the makers of their child only physically. By the means of a sperm and an ovum an embryo which grows nourished by the mother's body is formed. The physical characteristics and inclinations towards certain diseases are hereditary because matter is capable of the division. However, in psychic and spiritual respects each man is an independent being which was attracted by parents according to the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species or the Law of Reciprocal Action on earth. Thus, the child shall not reproach parents with its negative propensities and qualities considered as the unjustly inherited psychic property because the child has brought it itself; it does not issue from parents. According to the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species children are born to parents like themselves.

In the majority of cases the souls with negative qualities are attracted to earthly families because they are heavier according to the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species, thus more homogeneous with qualities of matter. When members of a family must live together with similar negatives problems and quarrels which should finally lead to their elimination, improvement often arise.

Indeed, how does the spirit of a child get into the mother's body? After fertilisation the radiation of the mother's soul strengthens. Thus, a homogeneous track by which the soul of a child may come closer to the mother is formed. Without this special bridge formed only through the pregnancy the soul could not get to the mother from the distant ethereal worlds or from the lower planes. The incarnation of the soul occurs mainly for karmic reasons. Then, a spirit known from some previous life is being incarnated to the family. If karmic threads are missing "an alien" spirit connected with parents only by the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species - this means by common spiritual and psychic qualities incarnates.

The spirit of a child does not come into the world inexperienced and clean. He lived through many things and he also brings some guilts to redeem and new tasks to fulfil. He "forgot" about his past even though it is anchored within him. The child will gradually recall it under influence of various events. No human spirit lives on earth for the first time. The Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species would not allow the incarnation of a new, less developed spirit among the matured one's because he could not develop there being misunderstood in his circle. That these differences occur is not brought about by a smaller number of lives but by the insufficient exploitation of these lives for which each man himself is responsible. It reminds of a situation at school - he who does not pay attention and does not learn falls behind.

The soul - or, in fact, the spirit-germ surrounded by the soul comes nearer to the mother in the very beginning of her pregnancy. It stays in her proximity and shares many experiences with her. In the majority of cases she perceives its presence as if being inside. Of course, the spirit does not come to the mother directly from spiritual substantiality but from the astral world in the form of a soul. The soul may incarnate into the mother's body only then when the embryo reaches its maximum maturity - this means in the middle of the pregnancy. After the soul, or the spirit, respectively, incarnates the embryo already disposes of its own blood circulation. The moves in the mother's body also indicate that the embryo came to life. If in the period of the maturity none spirit entered the embryo which can be caused by a negative karma, by the wrong development of the embryo and by the weak radiation of the mother's soul as well the embryo degenerates and dies. Only the spirit, the higher substance than matter can develop it to the human appearance.

From the point of view of the Eternal Laws the process of the child's birth is divided into four phases:

  1. the fertilisation,
  2. the approach of the soul to the mother in the beginning of the pregnancy,
  3. the incarnation of the soul in the middle of the pregnancy,
  4. the birth of a child.

Who directs the process of the incarnation for injustice no to occur and for the Eternal Laws to be observed? One already knows that the lives in the material world are run from the Spiritual Realm by our more advanced brothers. Their view of the earthly life is much more complex and provident, indeed they draw on our previous lives and the knowledge of the future. They know which events will happen in the course of one's life on earth, which part of the world will be affected by a catastrophe or a war, whether this could be of some importance for one's development or not and thus, they direct one's incarnation. They know one better than he knows oneself. The Book of Life and the form of one's spirit is the mirror of one's past.