The Feeling of Shame

Why man succumbed to sexual excesses so easily? Just for one reason. He broke down his protective wall - the feeling of shame which should have protected him from the downfall. The wall was built up simultaneously with the receiving of the generative power. Only therefore, that man did not recognise its meaning he could break it down so easily. The feeling of shame is a natural hold of the spiritual, psychic and physical development. However, the ethics based on the effort to remove this protective wall and thus, release the inferior desires reached its goal - gradually and voluntarily the majority gave up this protection. We silently approve and suppose to be normal what is not normal at all. We have promoted the sexual instinct most to the only aim of our life. The will, which is fettered by it, is not able to enforce its higher desires and aims, because the man lets off all generative power in frequent or unnatural sexual intercourse, or in masturbation.

The first flame which has gradually caused the destructive fire in the souls of people, lighted, maybe not in aim, psychologists and sexologists. They claimed that without regular sexual intercourse the ordinary life cannot be lived, and its lack causes frustrations and problems. Therefore, when a partner is not at hand, a man should satisfy by himself. In this way they confused the psychical balance and sureness feeling in ordinary people, too. These advices and explanations can obey only that one, who does not know, that the generative power grows by dampening of sexual instinct and wakes up the creativity, natural desires and wanting.

Only a deep reflection of the consequences of the excessive sexual instinct may release the power for its directing. According to the Law Free Will dark spirits cannot force man to do that which he himself does not want to. They can only lure, incite and entice man that the desire with which he was inspired is his own one. This knowledge may set free man because only the hidden and veiled evil is dangerous. By its revealing and recognition it may be overcome.

By the gradual, not sudden, release of negative propensities dark spirits abandon their victim because they have lost the control over it. The feeling of shame which protects the purified man from further fall will again awake within him. By the transformation of inferior desires to spiritual ideals the generative power will follow the right direction and will awake the yearning for the true and pure love which will indeed realise in time. By the strong yearning which will be multiplied by the lowering of the sexual instinct man connects himself with the animistic helpers who will make conditions for the realisation of his desire - the pure love.

The generative power also weakens by the unbalanced diet- for example, by the lack of proteins in the long- term vegetarian diet. In some cases it is suitable for the cure of diseases, then, it may also take a few years. But after the cure, the man should gradually return to the original rich food, but with the higher content of fibre and with the restriction of meat and fat.

The generative power also weakens by the reading of unsuitable books and looking of movies which induce the excessive excitement of senses and nerves. Through this negative experience a man connects himself to dark spirits who will try to control him to be nourished by him in the course of time.

For many it may sound incredible that also the occult training and meditations bring about the drain of the generative power and lead to the establishing of the connection with dark spirits who surround the Earth like a dense fog at present. If someone meditates to release oneself from the stress and exhaustion one is practising the sitting relaxation essentially. It is not dangerous because one cannot penetrate by means of it to the astral world. However, in deeper meditations, especially when going down, "to the past" or "vanishing in the void" the meditating man goes directly towards the dark influence. He gets voluntarily connected with low spirits who appear to be harmless initially but later on, they gain control over him. Man shall develop by the natural process - by the recognition of spiritual truths and ideals and their realisation in common life and not by the escape out of the reality.