Free Will

In the adulthood, each human starts to display his free will - another Eternal Law. It is to serve for everyone to follow one's own course in one's development which is mostly different from that expected in one's surroundings. Everyone feels inwardly how he should live the life, because he is lead by his own resolutions and tasks given before the birth. However, if a young man is affected by corruption too early in his life this direct way for reaching the goal becomes winded or replaced by a completely other one.

The parents should not make their adult "child" do what it does not want to. Neither should they interfere with choices important for its life during its childhood otherwise as by an advice or a warning - for example by the choice of a school or a vocation. Until a child reaches maturity it is directed by instinct like animals are - by the imitating instinct. According to this it acts like its parents but it makes its own decisions consciously while an animal acts subconsciously.