The Generative Power

In every child the spirit is like being disconnected from the outer world until the puberty. Thus, the child manifests itself only through its body and the soul. When it becomes mature sexually his spirits starts connecting with matter, with the outer world to be able to work actively there. However, the difference between the immaterial spirit and the material world is so immense that according to the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species it could not get connected. And indeed this must happen. The most delicate power which is the highest power in the material world at the same time - the Primordial Power is at work on earth. As a result of its fine nature it almost homogeneous with the spirit. The reinforced radiation of sexual organs during the puberty forms a track through which this power comes to the spirit to unite with for all its life. Since the access leads through the radiation of sexual organs this power is called the generative power.

It displays as a desire for love, beauty, pureness and ideals. At the same time a law is waking up in a young human being, which had been muffled by then- it is the desire for spiritual knowledge, because the spirit wants to exhibit and develop actively. This law connects him with the Eternity. It helps him to not forget on his origin in earthly troubles, to not lose the aim because of which he came on the Earth. According to the Law of Homogenous Species the spirit can educate and develop only through spiritual knowledge and deep psychical experience.

 It manifests itself as the desire for love, beauty, purity and ideals. At the same time, the desire for the spiritual knowledge being suppressed so far awakens in the soul of a young man because the spirit wishes to develop and to manifest itself actively. This law connects him with the eternity. It helps him not to forget about his origin in mundane trials, to pay attention to the goal which he came to fulfil on earth. According to the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species the spirit can only educate and develop by spiritual knowledge and by the deep emotional experiencing.

For the young man to realise his ideals the connection of the generative power with matter, with reality helps him to do this. The natural course of the connecting of the Primordial Power with the spirit manifests itself in the majority of cases so that young men realise positive and negative features of their surroundings, seek to change improve it or even themselves. At the same time, according to the Law of Complementation they search for their counterparts - partners. If a couple develops psychic and spiritual powers at first and only then the affectionate physical connection occurs this pure flare may "burn" a great deal of their negative karma and make conditions for a harmonious coexistence and a positive development of the spirit.

The sexual intercourse and the begetting are only a second-rate goal of the generative power which manifests itself from the puberty on also without these functions. Therefore, the connection of the spirit with the Primordial Power - the generative power does not cease when the afore-mentioned functions die away.

Unfortunately, the present-day moral takes away the natural course of the generative power to a wrong direction especially at young, yet inexperienced men. The sexual instinct and the need for its frequent quenching be it with or without the psychic love is artificially overvalued. Thus, the true meaning of the generative power became weak and turned only into an animal instinct. The frequent intercourse, the change of partners and masturbation lead young man to the inferior course of the development. He has turned the generative power which he had to refine physically, psychically and spiritually into a dangerous negative power which instead of the support hinders his development and draws him towards a depth.

Clinging to physical, material enjoyment in particular man has cut off himself from the help and inspiration of the higher substantiate beings who cannot connect with him when being in such a condition lawfully. This separation from the spiritual heights does not only result in the moral and spiritual decadence but also in the cultural, economical and social decay.

According to the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species man connects himself with the lower spirits living on the planets below the earth level through the excessive enhancement of passions. Thus, instead of the connecting with higher entities man attaches to the lower ones. And at the same time he even attracts dark spirits upwards. Without this artificially created bridge they could never get on earth according to the Law of Gravity and the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Spirits. Even though not all of them incarnate they stay in the astral world thus affecting the psychic of men, inspiring them with ideas for repeated orgy and masturbation because these emotions nourish them. The same also applies to other negative propensities such as the addiction to the smoking, alcohol and drugs. The addicts usually think this is their own desire when they feel the need for their satiation. Instead of perfect beings man connects with dark spirits who are much worse than himself.