The Spirit Germ

We already know that the Realm of Animistic Substantiality is the driving force of both the gross material and ethereal universes. In the middle of the cycle of the Universe some material planets reach the appropriate maturity. This means that they are able to be fertilised by spirit-germs. It is a similar happening as in the case of an embryo which becomes mature in the middle of the pregnancy and is fertilised by the spirit of man to be able to continue at the higher stage of the development. In one cycle such an opportunity occurs only once. The planets which have not appropriate conditions for this at that time get another opportunity in the next cycle approximately a million years later. The maturity of a planet means that there are appropriate conditions for the living of spirit germs in the material world there. This action is carried out by the substantiate beings on planets with reasonable temperature.

We already know that the human spirit-germ cannot develop in the Spiritual Realm and thus it is expelled in accordance with the Law of Motion into colder planes, lower to the material world. One depicts this happening as "the casting out of the Paradise" It is the voluntary and necessary "casting out" of the spiritual home. Without it the spirit-germ would never develop into a perfect spirit. Let us look at this process more thoroughly - how and through which planes does the spirit-germ come down?

Directly below the Spiritual Realm the Realm of Animistic Substantiality which is a little bit colder rotates but the germ cannot take on form here yet. It must descend deeper to the lower spheres. According to the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species it cannot pass an alien plane without being cloaked with its substance. Therefore it falls to the underpart of animistic ring under the pressure of animistic cloak. Nor here are the proper conditions for its development, therefore it cloaks with the next, denser cloak and because of its own weight it sinks more and more.

This process is not automatic; it takes places under help of beautiful feminine beings - the fairies. Their task is to handle the germs carefully for them not to be damaged. Specifically, they descend unconsciously without their own protection. The activity of the sprites could be compared with the work of women on the poultry- farm, who pack the eggs into the packing to be not broken on the way to the shops.

 In each spirit-germ there is slumbering the entire perfection of a mature spirit which awakens gradually along with the process of getting conscious. This is called the development of the spirit.

The unconscious wandering of the germ over the Realm of Animistic Substantiality ceases at the boundary of the ethereal universe. Being unconscious the germ descends further. It gets stuck in the ethereal field where it starts awakening into the life slowly. During its "sleep" other, also beautiful feminine beings take care of the outer influences not to damage it. Also, masculine "keepers" protecting germs from bad energies of the lower worlds by their strong positive radiation are situated here. By the action of the Primordial Power in the form of light, heat and also sound of lovely chords in the ethereal world the spirit-germ gradually awakens to the self-consciousness.

The upper, denser cloak that it got from the second fairy in the animistic ring starts growing into the shape of a big, beautiful flower in the ethereal field. Since each germ awakens with various intensities and qualities of consciousness flowers of many kinds, shapes and colours arise here. The ethereal field reminds of a big flower garden. When a flower comes into bud the first, finer cloak which is formed into the shape of the human body under influence of the spirit-germ starts developing. In the flower being in half blossom a little child lies protected from the strong rays of light like a chicken is protected by the shell of the egg. The spirit-germ itself has not the human appearance yet only its first animistic cloak - the soul was formed for the time being.

While in ethereal matter the soul develops from a child to an adult person the substantiate beings prepare an appropriate planet for its further development. They mould its nature by the imitating of the ethereal paradise and thus, they arrange a nice home for men where their spirit-germs can develop. The soul in ethereal matter become mature for the time being but it is of such a fine substance that it cannot manifest itself on earth or on some other material planet. It cannot seize a piece of wood and a stone to build a house or rip off a plant to eat. The Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species requires the homogenous body, through which the soul can be active in its surroundings, can improve it and develop its true self - its spirit-germ at the same time.

The highest lords of nature, primordially created substantiate beings, directed and organised the work of their subordinates, the little elemental beings who prepared the denser cloak for the human soul - the material body. When the most developed animal on earth reached the climax of its development and acquired the human-body-like form and the ability to shape matter actively the period of maturity suitable for the fertilisation by the spirit-germs occurred. Into the most advanced animal couple - the primeval man, human souls - the feminine and the masculine ones incarnated in place of animal souls. Gradually, human souls were incarnating into their descendants so that the initial human race came into existence. Other creatures of the primeval man became extinct. The bodies surrounding human souls started developing into more perfect and graceful human appearance with higher abilities under influence of the spirit missing in animals.

In this respect, Darwin was partially true claiming that man originates in the most perfect animal - the ape. However, knowing that the true nature of man is the spirit one must make this interpretation more precise: Not man only his material body issues from the animal.