The Eternal Laws

Why should people recognise the Eternal Laws? What is the use of it? As far as we do not know them and obey them they cause harm to us and "punish" us unceasingly until we adapt to them and understand their meaning. A paradox of our modern lives is that everyone who wants to drive a car must know traffic rules in order not to threaten himself and other people. However, sometimes in common life we get oppressed by consequences of Eternal Laws which are more dangerous in comparison with a ride due to their ignorance.

How is it possible that the knowledge of Eternal Laws passed unnoticed if the laws are eternal and constantly present? While the satisfying of earthly needs and desires was important for the majority of us we could not achieve a contact with eternity. Our souls were not prepared yet to accept this knowledge. Nowadays, many of us already possess mental abilities developed enough so that the door leading to the knowledge of Eternal Laws is open for them.

As a consequence of the general development demands of all people concerning the material comfort, the high quality of living, the hygiene and the creative work risen; we are interested more in our appearance and the culture. At the same time, demands for better mental knowledge increased because the body can develop only in the harmony with the soul thoroughly. More and more people want to penetrate the secrets of life. They wish to know how to live better; why they live and die.

But which way of those that are being offered in these times leads to the right knowledge? No doubt that many people go astray on their ways; they even fall so they start doubting whether the right way even exists. However, people can find a way out of this labyrinth only then if they keep their minds clear and their hearts opened. Like in the traffic people are lead by road signs to their destinations reliably the Eternal Laws are milestones on the way to the knowledge in common life.

The application of the Eternal Laws is difficult in the very beginning. In many cases people will have to turn 180 degrees back or in a completely different direction as they got used to live in. However, they will discover later that their lives became more peaceful and harmonious than before and they will obey the Eternal Laws voluntarily like they did it in case of traffic rules. Knowing and obeying the Eternal Laws suffering, stir and injustice which are a consequence of their ignorance will disappear in the society gradually.

The suffering is not the necessary part of life like some spiritual movements claim. It is only a consequence of wrong actions that we commit on the basis of our ignorance.

Actually, how do the Eternal Laws manifest themselves? First of all, they act as a power which maintains the space cycle. We can only intuitively understand the effects of this power as a whole. However intellect willing to sort considers it as an interplay of several laws.

The Eternal Laws manifest themselves continuously irrespective of the rise and the end of the universe because they are stable and invariable. In this world we are subject to them in different spheres of life - in nature, in our action, thinking, emotions and after death as well. Frequently, we are not able to explain their influence upon our lives logically. Therefore, we hide our ignorance just claiming that it must be a chance or something which goes beyond us.

Both the universe and the immaterial worlds above have many inhabitants. People are able to recognise and accept these "other worlds" only thanks to the fact that they follow the same laws. We will successively discover perceptible though invisible effects of the Primordial Laws. However, everyone must make sure of their existence alone by the thorough observation and evaluation of his life and surroundings where he lives. Material effects of the Eternal Laws were already discovered by many fields of science a long time ago. Therefore, everyone has the opportunity to find a form of their force in his profession.

Now we will explain the Eternal Laws only on the basis of well-known facts and concepts of common life. Only then, we will apply them to other spheres together with the accepting of new pieces of knowledge. Later, we will understand that almost each action is a consequence of several laws acting as a whole. Despite this fact we will analyse them separately now.